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Who we are...

...we are a medium-sized enterprise active in the field of foundry and plant engineering. Since the establishment of the company 30 years ago, our hallmark has been our outstanding versatility and individuality in the field of induction furnace technology.

As a subsidiary of Otto Junker GmbH...

...we are part of an internationally active group of companies that provide reliable and customer-oriented service to the worldwide metallurgy and heat treatment markets. In addition, we expertly exploit the synergies between the companies for the benefit of customers. Together we guarantee excellent, innovative technology underpinned by the collaboration of personnel in the energy technology and furnace construction sectors.

Our customers...

...are primarily foundries, steelworks and processors of liquid metals, e.g. manufacturers of semi-finished products for the automotive industry as well as the automotive industry itself. We measure success in terms of the satisfaction of our customers and are always ready to respond to their requirements. We offer competent customer service and expert advice.

What makes us stand out from the crowd... our entrepreneurial approach, which focuses on the wishes and demands of the customer. Our method of working is based on the successful implementation and development of technologies combined with high flexibility and individuality.

We support customers across the entire planning process and subsequent production with broad-based engineering expertise, practical experience, creativity, successful service and innovative ways of thinking and working.

Our high quality expectations and standards bring about your success.

TÜV Certificate ISO 9001:2015 (PDF - 94,1 KB)

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