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The First Aluminium-Silicon Coating Pot from INDUGA Goes into Operation at ArcelorMittal

After receiving a precedent-setting contract for the conversion of a zinc coating pot into an aluminium-silicon coating pot from ARCELORMITTAL’s Florange (F) factory last year, INDUGA successfully completed the first coating tests this summer. INDUGA was able to fully satisfy the performance demands made by the customer.

It was INDUGA’s first coating pot with an Al-Si alloy, and it is therefore a very important reference for the further market strategy. Aluminium-silicon-coated sheet metals are intended to meet the constantly increasing demands of the automotive industry. The first deliveries to end customers are planned for beginning of 2013.

The coating pot was equipped with a third air-cooled channel type inductor during the conversion phase so that the total available power input of the coating pot is now 1800 kW (3x 600 kW). In addition, the power supply of the three inductors was modified with state of the art IGBT converter technology. The pot holds a total of 120 tons of liquid aluminium-silicon.

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