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NACOBRE Mexico Orders Smelting and Casting Furnaces for New Brass Line

The order from the Mexican company NACOBRE (Cobrecel factory) is for a complete plant system for the melting of wet brass chips or scrap and casting on a new continuous casting plant for brass billets. Separate transport and loading systems for chips or scrap are used for feeding the process materials into the two melting furnaces. Two monomelt net frequency crucible type induction furnaces with a capacity of 6 tons and rated power of 1600 kW each are planned. Both furnaces will be equipped with latest technology of IGBT converters made by Otto Junker. The hourly melting performance, based on the brass type Ms58 and a tapping temperature of 1030C as well as a sump of 40%, is 5 t. Since mainly wet chips are to be melted continuously, specially designed exhaust hoods with water-cooled pipe elbows are used.

The molten metal is fed alternately from one of the melting furnaces to the pressurised holding furnace by a swivellable launder. The pressurized holding furnace designed especially by INDUGA for continuous horizontal casting lines has three furnace chambers (filling chamber, pressure chamber and casting chamber) and a channel type inductor in sandwich design. The two moulds for the continuous castings are installed in the front plate of the casting chamber. A maximum useful casting weight of 6 tons is possible with a furnace total capacity of 10 tons. An IGBT converter system with a rated power of 350 kW is planned here for the heating. A wide range of measuring, control and monitoring devices rounds off the modern plant system. Intensive work on the construction of the various plants are in progress and delivery is planned for February 2013.

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