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Anhui Xinke (PR China) Orders Induction Furnaces for Copper Alloys

Within the scope of a production expansion, the copper strip manufacturer Anhui Xinke New Materials Co. Ltd. in Wuhu City, Anhui Province, signed a contract with INDUGA for the delivery of two induction furnace plants including the loading device for the production of copper-iron alloys.

A 10 ton medium-frequency crucible type induction furnace with a rated power of 3000 kW/150 Hz from Otto Junker GmbH will be used for melting copper cathodes and returned scrap. The copper alloy melt will be transferred to a 15 ton capacity INDUGA forehearth holding furnace which is equipped with a 500 kW crucible inductor. Both furnace plants are equipped with converter switching systems in IGBT technology and state of the art control systems.

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