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FIRAT (Turkey) - Start-up of the brass chip melting process in the new foundry

Firat The Chip Melting Process delivered by INDUGA for the new brass production plant of FIRAT in Çorlu was commissioned beginning of November 2013. The equipment are composed by a 4 tons holding capacity (1200kW / 60Hz) coreless induction melting furnace with a melting capacity of up to 2.5 t/h wet brass chips. In addition INDUGA has supplied the auxiliary equipment for continuous charging of chips as well as components for exhaust gas post combustion and cooling.

In addition INDUGA has supplied a 3.5 tons channel type melting furnace with 600 kW power rating for melting down recycled scraps. The two melting furnace systems will alternately feed molten brass via a launder system into the holding furnace of a 2-strands horizontal continuous casting machine.

The new foundry of FIRAT was planned to ensure the in-house demand of brass bar stock for the manufacture of valves, couplings and threaded unions for their own manufacturing of plastic piping systems. During manufacture and machining of these components, large quantities of wet brass chips are produced which are to be returned directly into the production cycle.

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