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ArcelorMittal orders from INDUGA an AluSi® coating pot

The aluminum-silicon coating of steel sheets is an innovative technology for the ever-increasing demands of modern automobiles. ArcelorMittal, the largest steel manufacturer in the world, plans to expand its production capacity for AluSi® coated steel sheets at their Sagunto plant in Spain. INDUGA has received its first order for an AluSi® coating pot for the Florange plant in France in 2011 by ArcelorMittal. The INDUGA pot system is extremely efficient and reliable since August 2012 in operation, so that the customer has entrusted us with another AluSi® pot system.

The new coating pot is designed for a capacity of 100 tons of liquid alloy and is equipped with 3 air-cooled special version channel inductors of 600 kW, which are fed individually via converter systems in IGBT technology made by Otto Junker. Commissioning of the new pot is scheduled for Juli 2015.

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