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New LPDC machine type 1001

LPDC-type-1001 Full automatic casting machine on a single steel frame with one manipulator mounted on a turning device and one furnace for the cost effective production of high quality casting products.

The LPDC machine type 1001 is a compact unit including a channel induction furnace, manipulator unit for the dies, coating bath, unloading conveyor and electronic controls with touch screen.

The casting cycle includes the core positioning, the automatic movements of the dies , the full automatic casting process by low pressure technology, unloading of the high quality castings as well as cooling and coating of the dies in the graphite bath.

In the low pressure die casting process, the liquid metal is filled from inside of the furnace by a controlled pressure built-up into the die. This technique guarantees a uniform laminar non-turbulent filling of the die.

  • Cycle time: approx. 60 sec.
  • Capacity per shift (8 hours): approx. 380 castings
  • Multiple cavity dies
  • 1 manipulator on a rotary device
  • Manually setting of the cores
  • Max. die dimensions: 500 x 400 mm
  • Quick die change flanges
  • New furnace with 120 kW, air cooled
  • 1 channel inductor instead of 3 inductors
  • Simple furnace control
  • Die cooling and coating in a blackwash bath

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