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EJ: Maximize the productivity, flexibility, and savings by using the modern ladle pouring system by Induga - 'Puma Pro'

North American Foundry Company EJ (headquarter in East Jordan, MI), well known for municipal castings, is successfully using in their new foundry the innovative Ladle Pouring system Puma Pro from Induga.

Since the end of 2018, EJ's new foundry (Elmira, MI) is producing high quality castings with a two-machine ladle pouring system. This ladle pouring system was able to fit in a limited space and meet the needs of their high volume production requirements.

From the beginning, the Puma Pro system demonstrated the ability to perform and meet the many variations of pouring programs EJ has in their portfolio. The modern pouring controller with our very unique control algorithm fills up the sprue cup quickly, accurately, and repeatably. Based on weight information the controller stops the process at the right moment This demonstrates not only the correct pour, but also provides substantially reduced waste (over- pour). With thousands of moulds poured per year, this adds up to measurable cost savings.

The next pour will also be optimized by the iteratively learning controller, so that the level in the cup is controlled precisely, even when parameters like moisture of the sand, volume of the casting and other mould parameters are changing. The HMI monitor is showing the operator what the controller is doing, so he can see what the resultant pour will be. Via the programming capabilities of the system, the operator has everything under control even when there are numerous pattern changes per day. The biggest disadvantage of any ladle pouring solutions is the fact that during the ladle change, the machine cannot pour iron into the mould. This can be fully compensated by using the Induga Puma Pro 2-Machine solution. Additionally the machine can do other critical processes like pigging, deslagging and ladle change - safely, without reducing the production output of the castings.

By using the Induga 2-machine solution the foundry is able to use the full stop time of the pouring line for castings that require longer pouring times, without any loss in the process.

The Induga Puma Pro 2 Machine solution shows impressively that productivity and flexibility are able to be combined successfully. In parallel, this system warrants consideration when there are many or multiple alloy changes required.
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