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Induction furnaces for holding & casting...

Induction-heated storage/holding furnaces are a sensible choice for modern casting processes. Based on our many years of experience and the high individuality of our products, we are able to offer customers a furnace solution that is optimally tailored to their requirements. Whether simple holding or additional melting treatment is required, we will find a furnace solution that offers exact temperature setting and precise melt metering in addition to selection of the right holding volume.
holding & casting
Some of our furnace types and applications are presented in the following leaflets:
  • Holding & casting furnace for vertical casting (220 KB, PDF)
  • Pressurized holding furnace for horizontal continuous casting (212 KB, PDF)
  • Holding & casting furnace with coreless inductor (204 KB, PDF)
  • Drum type induction furnace for melting and holding copper (235 KB, PDF)
  • Casting furnace for vertical casting of tubes & bars (237 KB, PDF)
  • Micro-alloying tundish furnace for continuous casting processes (230 KB, PDF)
  • INDUMAT pressurized holding & metering furnace (217 KB, PDF)
  • Holding furnace for low-pressure casting (209 KB, PDF)
  • Storage & holding furnace for aluminium alloys (202 KB, PDF)

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