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SLS Swisspour Products PUMA

Ladle Pouring Machine...

Ladle pouring machines are successfully used in flask, flaskless and chemical bounded (no-bake) moulding lines. With the help of ladle pouring machines it is possible to pour iron, steel, high-grade steel, non-ferrous metal and aluminum alloys in an efficient and process-controlled way.

INDUGA ladle pouring machines set new standards in the following fields:
  • highly precise and repeatable automation of your pouring process
  • easily adjustable low pouring height depending on your requirements
  • easy and safe integration of your quality assurance process
  • use of your existing material transport system
  • low metal temperature losses
  • ability to use our machine in restricted areas

  • Our modern pouring technology offers the following advantages for your foundry:
  • minimum amount of metal by integration of a highly precise weighing system
  • reduction of scrap by controlling the entire pouring process
  • maximum productivity and flexibility
  • low operation costs due to minimum equipment standstill and very low energy consumption
  • simple and low-cost commissioning
  • minimum temperature drop by using only one ladle for metal transportation and pouring
  • low-cost integration of metal treatment

  • PUMA PRO Ladle Pouring Technology(English, 1,82 MB, PDF)
  • PUMA PRO Ladle Pouring Technology (Turkish, 1,82 MB, PDF)
  • PUMA PRO Ladle Pouring Technology (Chinese, 2,35 MB, PDF)

  • Starting from now, INDUGA is now officially able to deliver parts and service for the products of the KW SLS Swisspour AG like the pouring machine PUMA, FOX and the inoculation device COBRA.

  • Support SLS Swisspour Products: PUMA, FOX, COBRA (168 KB, PDF)

  • SLS Swisspour Products PUMA, FOX, COBRA

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