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Channel furnaces

Channel furnaces

Because of its extremely high electrothermal efficiency and wide range of furnace geometry design, the channel-type induction furnace is the preferred type of melting furnace at non-ferrous foundries.

Our channel furnaces can be used for the melting of:
  • copper
  • copper alloys
  • brass
  • aluminium alloys
  • zinc alloys

  • Find out more about our channel type melting furnaces here (198 KB, PDF).

    Crucible furnaces

    Crucible furnaces The crucible-type coreless induction furnace is an ideal alternative where intensive bath mixing is desired, e.g. for the continuous melting of chips or fine materials, or where the alloy is changed frequently.

    Continuous melting process for wet brass chips (213 KB, PDF) in the coreless induction furnace is a process that has been specially developed by INDUGA.

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